Coleman Canada - The Outdoor Company does not manufacture power washers, generators or air compressors. These products are made by Coleman Powermate (also known as Powermate).

The warranty, service and replacement parts for these products were the responsibility of and handled by Powermate. Coleman has never carried or distributed these products and we have no parts or replacement units available. Coleman also does not have any information on these items. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but Coleman cannot assist you with any Powermate product.

In March 2008, Powermate filed for bankruptcy protection. It has come to our attention that Pramac America has purchased the parts and inventory that once belonged to Powermate and that they are also using Powermate's service centres.

We understand that no warranties will be available for products made before Powermate's bankruptcy except on motors as they will be honoured by their manufacturers.

Website: www.Powermate.com

Generators / Pressure Washers / Home Standby:
Customer Service: 1-888-977-2622 > Technical Service: 1-800-445-1805
Email: generatorservices@powermate.com

Aiir Compressors / Air Tools:
Customer Service: 1-800-241-3808 r> Technical Service: 1-888-895-4549
Email: airservices@powermate.com