Camp Games

Running out of ideas to keep you entertained while camping? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best games and activities to keep both adults and kids amused for days.


This game is simple; players take turns throwing horseshoes at a stake with the goal of getting the horseshoe on the stake.


Washer toss is similar to horseshoes. In this game two boxes are placed at a distance from each other and players take turns trying to throw a washer into the pipe of the opposite box. Points are awarded based on where the washer lands.


Bean bag toss is a fun game both adults and kids love to play. Similar to both horseshoes and washer toss, players take turns throwing a beanbag towards a board with a hole in it. The goal of course, is to get the bean bag in the hole. Points are awarded based on the bean bag getting in the hole or landing on the board.


Charades can be played in a large or small group. Players take turns acting out clues while their teammates have to try and guess what the player is acting out. If your group is too small to divide into teams all participants can guess the clues and are awarded individual points for guessing the answer correctly. For camp time fun, create all camp themed answers!


This exciting game will provide lots of laughs! To play arrange the spoons in the center of the table (there should be one less than the amount of players) and deal each player four cards. The goal of the game is to have 4 of a kind in your hand.

When play begins the dealer will remove the top card off the deck and add to his hand and discards this card to the person on the left. The person on the left will pick this card up add to their hand and then discard a card to their left. Play continues until someone has four of a kind in their hand, in which, they grab a spoon. All other players follow to grab a spoon, the person without a spoon is eliminated. The game continues until only one person is left.


Everyone loves the classic game of tic tac toe! This is a perfect game for rainy days.

The object of Tic Tac Toe is to get three in a row. You play on a three by three game board. The first player is known as X and the second is O. Players alternate placing X’s and O’s on the game board until either opponent has three in a row or all nine squares are filled.


Ladder ball is a popular game for teams of two that really heats up the competition. The game is played by placing two ladders approximately 15 feet apart from each other. Teams take turns throwing a bola (two balls connected by a string) towards the ladder. The goal is to have the bola land or be wrapped around a ladder rung. The higher the ladder rung the more points a team receives!


Dominoes is a great game for a quiet afternoon or rainy day at the campsite. There are many different versions of dominoes that can be played. The most common is played by dealing each player 7 domino tiles face down with the remaining tiles left face down in a pile known as the “boneyard”.

The person who drew the highest double or highest domino begins play with any domino they like. The next player places a domino on the board joining it end to end, with the previously played dominoes. Dominoes can only be joined to another domino if it matches (i.e., ones to ones, twos to twos, etc.). If the total dots on the exposed ends equal a multiple of 5 the player is awarded that amount of points. If a player cannot place a domino on the board a new domino should be drawn from the boneyard pile.

The game ends when either a player uses all the dominoes in their hand or the game is blocked and no player can place a tile on the board.


A scavenger hunt is perfect for active fun for young ones! To arrange a scavenger hunt, first create a list of the items that the group will be looking for. These can range from items participants should be collecting or even photos participants should take, such as a photo of an animal, a leaf, a flashlight, and firewood. Next, give the list to each participant and off they go! Depending on the length of the list you can give them the entire day to complete the list or the entire camping trip. To add in the fun, have kids decorate a paper bag in which to collect their items!


Obstacle courses can be extremely fun and can be altered to change the difficulty level. Build a course around your campsite using every day camp items. For example, have participants jump over a cooler, run around a picnic table, do jumping jacks, carry a heavy item 5 feet, etc. You can really get creative with this activity!


Glow in the dark Frisbee is a great active game when night falls. There are two types of Frisbees ideal for night time play, a Frisbee that is labelled as glow in the dark or a Frisbee with a built in light. Before you begin the fun, ensure that you have enough space to play that you will not disturb other campers.


Bring the family closer by singing songs around the campfire! Make up your own songs or sing traditional campfire songs.


A great camping tradition is to tell spooky stories around the campfire. The dark of the night and the glow of the fire can make any story seem extra chilling!


Have kids stand up in their sleeping bags and race towards a predetermined finish line by hopping & jumping. This is similar to the more well-known sack race and always brings out tons of laughs!