In 1998, we introduced our Original RoadTrip™ Grill, the first truly portable way to grill on the go. Since its inception, we've continued to meet consumer needs by adapting to the ways people dine outdoors. With our new NXT™ line of portable propane grills, we are able to offer convenient grilling that boasts slim storage and multiple grill, griddle and stove cooking options – all in one!

Coleman® NXT™ Grills


the top of an NXT grill with grill plates red from heat. There are also wavy arrow graphics rising from the grill surface, indicating the even heat distribution.

Even-Temp™ Burners

Racetrack design brings heat to the edges while the cast iron grill and griddle help eliminate hot spots.

A closeup of an NXT burner with Heat Core technology. The burner is shaped like a racetrack with the flames on the outer edges. Towards the left end, there is a separate circular cutout with more flames around the circle as well as an arrow graphic that is turning up and out of the center of the core, demonstrating the heat flow pattern.

Heat Core Technology

Delivers intense heat where you need for quicker and hotter stove cooking.

A folded up NXT 200 Grill

Portable Technology

All-terrain design to wheel your grill anywhere.

A foleded up NXT grill standing upright in a garage for storage. The grill is in front of a cabinet and a wheeled tool chest.


Use less floor space in your garage.