Tips for Keeping the Bugs Away

We all love heading outside for a picnic or to our favourite camping destination to relax and unwind. However, the pesky mosquitoes and bugs can sometimes be an annoyance to our otherwise perfect day outside. We have outlined some tips and tricks to keep the bugs away while you go outside and play!


1. Use waterproof bug spray.
2. Light up some mosquito coils or citronella candles near your food areas.
3. Many insects detest the smell of mint. Put some mint mouthwash in a bottle and spray it around your food and camping areas.
4. Sage is also known to deter insects. Add some sage to your campfire pit and burn it every time you make a fire.

Tips for You

1. Avoid wearing perfume or sweet smelling lotions or deodorants. Bugs are attracted to these smells.
2. Stay hydrated! Bugs are attracted to people more when they are hot and sticky.
3. Wear a mosquito net.
4. Keep a fan near where you are sitting. Insects have a hard time flying near fans due to the wind pressure the fan creates.
5. Use LED lights in your flashlights and lanterns, as these types of bulbs do not attract bugs the same way others do.

Food Area Tips

1. Use a shelter with fine mesh that does not allow bugs to pass through and keep the door closed as much as possible.
2. Keep food covered at all times using a food tent or even a colander.
3. Put a fabric sheet under your tablecloth to keep bees away.
4. Avoid sticky foods like melons, grapes or pop.
5. Set up another table with a sticky food to attract the bugs. The bugs will stay at that table while you can enjoy your meal.
6. Move your trash as far away from your campsite or picnic area as possible and burn as much of it as you can.
7. Avoid keeping standing water. A small bucket of water can produce mosquito babies in just 1 day!