Camping Essentials: How to Make Coffee

Coffee is a daily morning necessity for many. Add sleeping in a tent and brisk early morning air, and it can become arguably even more important to getting up and moving in the morning. Mastering the art of the wilderness coffee is definitely an important skill for your repertoire of camp tricks.

Whether you’re a backpacker who likes to carry as little as possible, or more into the glamping side of things, here are three different methods for making coffee when camping.

1. With the Least Gear

If you like a strong cup of coffee, and don’t want to carry anything special (or, have forgotten your filters), you can make brewed coffee simply by boiling coffee grounds in a pot of water for a few minutes. Once you have reached the desired strength, you will remove the pot from fire and let the grinds settle. You will have to scoop up your coffee, to make it as grind-free as possible.

2. The Quickest

If you’re more concerned with having your coffee quick than it being the highest caliber cup, instant coffee is a good option for you. All you have to do is boil water, and stir in your instant coffee to enjoy your morning caffeine pick-me-up.

Many instant coffees come in already re-sealable containers or bags. If you are not planning to pack the full amount, ensure you bring a little extra than what you think you will need as some find instant coffee can taste weaker than brewed.

3. The Most like Home

You can make a high quality cup of joe, even when you’re camping, using a propane camp coffee maker. This percolator works just like the one in your kitchen, but is powered by fuel instead of electricity. Simply add your coffee into the reusable filter basket, add drinking water, and you will have 10 cups brewed in under 20 minutes.