How to Save When Camping

Camping is one of the most affordable ways forms of entertainment our country has to offer. Once you have your gear, it’s easy to pack up and head to a camp ground for a weekend of outdoor fun!

We have created a list with some surefire ways to save you even more money and get you outside!

Save on Camping Gear

1) Borrow camping gear from other friends and family
2) Buy camping gear on clearance at the end of the season for next year
3) Use items from your home rather than buying camping specific items such as dish towels and dishes.
4) Buy multi-purpose items that can be used for more than one purpose

Save on Food

1) Plan your meals before you go and pack everything you will need for all your meals. This stops you from running into town because you forgot something.
2) Simplify recipes to reduce the amount of ingredients needed.
3) Camp with friends to share the costs of food. Assign each person a meal they are responsible to plan and cook for all members of the camping party. This reduces the amount of food you have to cook and buy, as you will now only have to buy for one meal rather than multiple meals.

Save on Location

1) If you camp frequently by an annual parks pass to save on campsite fees.
2) Camp in the off season months and at less frequented parks for savings on campsites.
3) Electrical sites usually cost more than a non-electrical site. Opt out of the electrical site to save a little extra.
4) Camp close to home to save on gas.
5) Camp in the backyard!

Extra Saving Tips

1) Bring a different cooler for drinks and food. Most coolers are opened frequently throughout the day to get out drinks. By separating your food from your drinks you can reduce the amount of times the cooler with your food in it is opened, which greatly reduces the rate at which your ice will melt.
2) Use a block of ice rather than cubed ice, as it will stay frozen longer.
3) Enjoy the free recreation the campsite you are staying at has to offer such as a free beach or hiking.
4) Keep your firewood covered at all time! A surprise rain can cause your wood to get wet and you to have to buy the wood again.