The Most Common Mistakes Campers Make

Even the most experienced campers have made their fair share of mistakes while camping. We’ve learned from our past mistakes and listed them here so you don’t have to!

Choosing the Wrong Sized Tent

Many campers end up purchasing the wrong sized tent and end up having very little room to sleep and store gear in the tent. A rule of thumb when choosing a tent size is to divide the tent rating in half, for example if two people will be sleeping in the tent, choose a tent that is rated for 4 people or more. Also, the more gear you will be storing in the tent, the larger tent you will need.

Relying on the Campfire Alone for Cooking

Many campers rely on cooking all of their food on the campfire, however, once it rains and the wood is too wet, they are unable to start a fire and cook their meals. Campfire cooking is tasty and efficient, but be sure to pack a stove (even a small single burner stove) in case of rain or a fire ban.

Not Testing Out All Equipment Beforehand

Before you head out camping, it is always a good idea to test your gear, both new and old. Many campers do not test out their gear before heading to the campsite, only to find that they are missing a tent pole from their previous adventures or their stove will not light. Make sure to put up your tent, inflate your air mattress, fire up your stove and test out your lantern or flashlight before you head out to avoid any unnecessary disasters!

Cooking in the Tent

Cooking the tent is a big no! It is dangerous for many reasons. If it is raining, use a tarp over a picnic area to keep your stove dry and you safe while cooking.

Not Cleaning Up After Meals

It can be tempting to leave dirty dishes for the morning, after finishing a big dinner, and for this reason, many campers do not clean up immediately after their meals. Cleaning up after you cook is a critical step that helps you keep safe by keeping wildlife away. It will also allow you to bring less dishware on your trip.

Not Staking and Guying the Tent

Many campers skip guying and staking their tent and later regret it! Even if it is not windy and the weather does not call for wind ensure that your tent is always staked and guyed to keep it in place when unexpected weather comes along. If you do not guy your tent properly, your rainfly could sag & touch your tent walls, which could cause leaking.

Not Checking the Rules of the Campsite

Every campsite has different rules that must be followed. Breaking of campsite rules can result in a fine or in some instances being asked to leave. Make sure you check the campsite rules before you go to avoid being in violation, especially when it pertains to pets, number of people and cars allowed on the site and alcohol.