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Tent Camping Tips

August 3, 2017

You love camping. You don’t love having to constantly replace camping gear. We know it can add up, and that’s why at Coleman, we are not only committed to providing you with the best quality gear but also making sure you know the tips and tricks to make your investments last and your trip memorable. As a result, we have put together a list of 15 tent camping tips that help reduce avoidable wear and tear as well as make your trip a little bit more enjoyable.

1. Test your gear at home – This prevents any problems when setting up your tent at your campsite. The test will also make you familiar with the setup, making it a breeze when you get to your destination!
2. Always guy your tent – Using your guylines will prevent a collapse at a bad time. They help stabilize and strengthen the tent body so that it can withstand inclement weather. You can also hang clothes on the guylines to increase visibility and prevent trips or injuries.
3. Keep shoes outside the tent to prevent dirt in bedding – Nobody likes sleeping in a sandy sleeping bag.
4. Keep food and cooler outside to prevent crumbs in bedding – Like sand and dirt, most people don’t enjoy crumbs in their bedding. To make things worse, crumbs will often attract insects and pests that you don’t want in your tent. Storing your food in your car will often prevent these problems.
5. Meal prep – Which would you prefer, spending more time on the beach or more time preparing dinner? That’s what we thought. Meal prepping will allow for maximum enjoyment of your relaxing vacation.
6. Rinse off/shower before bed – This will not only help to prevent dirt from getting in your tent, but it will provide everyone with a pleasurable sleep. The last thing you want to do is stink up your confined sleeping space!
7. Keep garbage in your vehicle – This will prevent any visits from unwanted animals or pest to your campsite.
8. Bring extra blankets – Just in case one gets dirty or the temperature drops significantly at night!
9. Get a tent that recommends double the number of people that you are camping with for ample room – Ex: If you are camping with 2, get a 4 person tent.
10. Tarp your eating/cooking area – You can’t not eat if it rains! Make sure you are prepared to be able to cook in unexpected weather.
11. Keep kids close – This is always important. Campsites are often very big, and the last thing you need is to be chasing your kid through the forest on your days off.
12. Remove rainfly on a nice night and stargaze – Stargazing is something you just don’t get to do in the city, so enjoy it while you can!
13. Leave dogs at home – There are very well trained dogs that can often be beneficial to a camping trip. That being said, you must keep in mind that you are in close proximity to other campers. Although getting a dog sitter breaks your heart, it is the better choice for a more enjoyable trip.
14. Dry your tent at the end of your trip – Drying your tent is the most important step in storing your gear. Drying your tent will prevent moldy and smelly gear that needs to be replaced.
15. Have fun – There is no point in camping if you don’t have fun. Let loose and enjoy every moment with family and friends!


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