How to Wash Coleman Sleeping Bags

When was the last time you cleaned your sleeping bag? There are many things you can do to limit the need for washing, like always changing into clean clothes to sleep and never sleeping directly on the ground, but regardless, you will have to clean your sleeping bag at some point during its lifetime.

Taking proper care of this essential piece of camping gear can give it a longer lifespan. Here’s what to do, and what not to do, when washing your sleeping bag.

The Don’ts of Sleeping Bag Washing

• Do not dry clean, as solvents used can be damaging to the materials that make up your bag
• Do not bleach
• Do not pack away damp, or wet. Make sure it is fully dry before storing.

Cleaning Your Sleeping Bag

There are two ways you can wash sleeping bags, either by using a front loading washer with a rotating drum (NOT agitator style), or by hand.

Washing Machine Method

Using a commercial front loading machine with a rotating drum, select a warm wash, cold rinse cycle. Use ¼ cup mild laundry detergent. To dry, tumble at a low temperature in a commercial dryer, or hang until completely dry.

Hand Wash Method

Fill bathtub with warm water and ¼ cup gentle detergent. Wash, then rinse with fresh, cold water. Dry using same method as above.

Sleeping Bag Storage

Once your sleeping bag is completely dry, fold or roll & store. Long time storage in the stuff sack is not recommended, as it can have an impact on the loft (or fluffiness) of the bag over time.