How to Care for Your Coleman Tent

If you are an avid camper, it is safe to say that a tent is the most important piece of camping equipment you own. If you are looking for a new tent or want to upgrade, Coleman offers a range of tents that each offer their own unique benefits. Our blog on how to choose the right tent for your trip could also be useful when doing your research on which to choose. It is important that you care for and maintain your tent in order to prolong the life of your outdoor investment. Here are some pointers on how to properly maintain and get the best out of your Coleman tent.

Check your Setup

Before you leave for your camping trip it is a great idea to set up your tent in your backyard. This will ensure that all your gear is in good shape and will not cause you a headache once you get to your destination. If necessary, you can do some patchwork to prevent leaks during your trip, but be advised that the best solution for a tent that is showing signs of wear and tear is often to purchase a brand new one.

Choosing Your Campground

Choosing a clear campground is often a crucial step in making sure you don’t cause any unnecessary damage to the tent. When you arrive and are looking for a spot to pitch, make sure that you can find an area free of any debris, rocks or roots. Not only will this make sure that your night is a little more comfortable, but it will also prevent any rips in the tent floor caused by sharp rocks or stray twigs.

Exposure to the Elements

Prolong the life of your Coleman tent by minimizing its exposure to the elements. Some of the stronger elements like direct sunlight will often break down the protective waterproof coating and fade the colours of the material making them less effective. To prevent this kind of wear, try to pitch your tent in an area with significant tree coverage. Shade will also help keep the tent cool and comfortable for when you need to take your afternoon nap.

Be Gentle

Coleman tents are made of quality material and are built to last. This does not mean, however, that they are indestructible. Always take your time when pitching and guying your tent to make sure you don’t puncture the fabric with the poles. Aside from setup, always be gentle with zippers and make sure to minimize any dirt and debris from getting inside by keeping your shoes and food outside. This will simplify the cleaning and storing process at the end of the trip – Trust us!

The Storage Process

The most important step in caring for any tent is the storing process. The majority of campers will take the tent down and store it in its bag on site. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make if you are looking to get a prolonged life out of your tent because this often traps residual dirt and moisture in the storage bag. Over time, the moisture will lead to mold and mildew, as well as a potent, unpleasant scent that often leads to having to buy a new outdoor home. To prevent all of this it is paramount that when you get home you let your tent dry. You can do this by either pitching it in a backyard or laying it out flat in the sun. In addition, shaking out any dirt will also be beneficial for the storing process and minimize your workload the next time you decide to take a camping trip.

With the proper care, your Coleman tent will serve as your luxury home away from home. Make sure to visit for all other camping needs!