How Coleman Tents Are Tested

Your tent is the most important piece of equipment of your camping trip. At Coleman we have put our tents through vigorous testing to be sure that your home away from home is up to the task!

Wind Testing

We subject all our tents through rigorous high wind conditions at our testing laboratory before you take them outdoors! At our laboratory we use high powered fans to blow winds at speeds of 56 km per hour (35 m per hour) at our tents. The tent is rotated on a platform to simulate strong winds from all directions. We then inspect the tent to make sure that it stood up to the high powered winds, we look for pole damage and ensure there are no rips or tears anywhere. Once the tent has passed our inspection it is ready to move on to the rain room!

Rain Testing

We have built a rain room in our laboratory to simulate wet conditions. Each Coleman tent enters the rain room and is rained upon, starting from a light drizzle to a heavy downpour. In total our tents are subjected to over 132 L (35 gallons) of water over a ten-minute time span. Once the rain has spot we inspect the tent to ensure there were no leaks. If even more than 2 tablespoons of water get into the tent, it fails the test!

Once a tent has passed our testing it is ready to be your home away from home!