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Camp Kitchen

Mess kit

1-Person Mess Kit - 2000016402
Available at Wal-Mart
Simplify mealtime on your camping trips with the Coleman One-Person Aluminium Mess Kit. Each item neatly fits inside the other so you can carry the complete set in a backpack while hiking or traveling to your campsite. It comes with everything you need to prepare a hearty meal to keep you going throughout the day. The camping mess kit includes a frying pan, a pot with a lid, a deep-dish plate and a cup for drinking hot or cold beverages.

• Easy clean aluminum construction

Dining Set

2 Person Dining Set - 2000016406
Available at Wal-Mart
Serve up burgers, soups, cereal and everything in between when you’re eating off Coleman® 2 person Dinning Set. The 2-piece set includes: 2 dinner plates, 2 coffee mugs, 2 bowls and four 2-3 piece utensil set. They’re all made of dishwasher-safe material. Good for picnics, BBQs, campsites and home.

• Mesh bag with drawstring and cord lock included for storage and dip-cleaning
• Dishes and utensils made of durable plastic

Enamelware Dining Set

12-Piece Enamelware Dining Set - 2000016404
Available at Wal-Mart
This product consists of four (4) 12 oz. coffee mugs, four (4) 6 in. bowls, and four (4) 10 in. dinner plates. All items are made of steel, with an enamel coating in blue with white speckles.

• Durable, classic enamel finish
• Dishwasher safe
• Includes four 10 in. (25.4 cm) dinner plates, four 12 oz. (340.2 g) coffee mugs and four 6 in. (15.24 cm) bowls

S'more Maker

S'more Maker - 2000016432
Available at Wal-Mart
S'mores maker is made of chrome plated steel. Easy to use: simply place S'mores into cooking recesses and hold above the flame until cracker is slightly toasted and chocolate is melted.

• Made of chrome plated steel
• 26" long x 5.5" wide
• Extendable handle

Popcorn maker

Popcorn maker - 2000016439
Available at Wal-Mart
Get the perfect evening snack going in the backyard fire pit or the campsite campfire with the Coleman® Popcorn Popper. Just slide open the popping box, throw in a handful or two of kernels and hold it over the fire using the cool-touch wooden safety handle. You’ll have up to two quarts of nature’s perfect snack food just in time to start the ghost stories.

• Made of steel with non-stick coating
• For outdoor use only

Non-Stick Griddle

Non-Stick Griddle - 2000016372
Available at Campers Village
Cook up bacon, eggs and pancakes on your next outdoor adventure with a durable, lightweight Coleman® Aluminum Non-stick Griddle. You'll have plenty of room to create on a cooking surface large enough to fit two and three-burner stoves. When you're done, that cooking space cleans up quickly and easily

• 39 cm x 22 cm (15.5" x 8.5") cooking surface
• Grease reservoir drains grease away from food

Rotisserie Camp Fork

Rotisserie Camp Fork - 2000008066
Available at Wal-Mart

• Extends from 30 to 122 cm (12"" to 48"")
• Built-in knob on handle allows the fork to turn 360°
• Perfect for cooking hot dogs or marshmallows evenly
• Cool touch wooden handle
• Compact storage

32 oz. Aluminum Bottle

32 oz. Aluminum Bottle - 2000016362
Available at Wal-Mart

• Topper seals tightly with O-ring
• Lightweight
• Looped topper for easy carrying or attaching to backpacks
• Available in red, black, blue, and silver
• 32 oz capacity

3-Piece Cookset

3-Piece Cookset - 2000016422
Available at Canadian Tire

• Includes ten inch frying pan, 6 quart kettle with lid, and 2.5 quart saucepan with lid
• Detachable handle that fits frying pan and sauce pan
• Convenient, heavy duty durable steel
• Riveted plated steel handles
• Easy to clean

Camp Cooker

Camp Cooker - 2000016552
Available at Wal-Mart

• Grill over a campfire, barbecue or fireplace
• Delicious way to toast sandwiches
• Non-stick surface
• Easy to clean
• 2 part hinge adds convenience

Fry pan

12" Steel Non-Stick Fry Pan with Folding Handle - 2000016353
Available at Wal-Mart

• Non-stick surface
•easy to clean
• Vinyl coated
• Cool handle grip
• Handle folds away for storage

Hiking & Navigation

Wonderlake™ Youth Canteen

Wonderlake™ Youth Canteen - 2000027343
Available at Wal-Mart

• 23.7 oz (700 mL) capacity
• Glow in the dark
• Adjustable shoulder strap
• Insulating fabric sides for a soft, comfortable grip
• Leaves no metallic taste
• Secure, tethered screw on cap

Lensatic Compass

Lensatic Compass - 2000016504
Available at Wal-Mart

• Liquid filled
• Reliable readings
• Luminous letters
• Rugged
• Plastic case

Miscellaneous Accessories

Camp Towel

Camp Towel - 2000015159
Available at Wal-Mart
Help keep your pack bulk to a minimum by taking a Coleman® Camp Towel the next time you enjoy the water outside. The incredibly absorbent fabric is more lightweight and compact than a traditional towel and it dries quickly. The bright yellow colour is also easy to find among all your gear.

• 27" x 20"
• Lightweight and compact
• Dries quickly

Mosquito Head Net

Mosquito Head Net - 2000014864
Available at Wal-Mart
The Coleman Mosquito Head Net protects you from various biting or stinging insects. Its fine mesh has small holes that are enough to prevent tiny, pesky bugs from getting too close while still allowing you to clearly see where you are going and what you are doing. This Coleman head net serves as reliable protection for anyone spending time outdoors where flying insects are present. Use it while camping, hiking, gardening and more.

• Fine mesh keeps insects out
• Fits comfortable over most headgear

Dry Gear Bag

Dry Gear Bag - 2000014518
Available at Wal-Mart
Whether you're on the boat or getting through a rain storm, your most important items will stay dry inside the Coleman® Dry Gear bag. The Fabric loops allow the bag to be secured or tied down.

• 24" x 10"
• Reinforced materials keep items dry and protected
• Easy to use quick release buckle
• Eounded base increases total capacity

Toilet Seat Covers

Toilet Seat Covers - 2000014872
Available at Wal-Mart
The Coleman Toilet Seat Cover protects you from unwanted germs and liquids on public toilet seats. It is quite small and lightweight so that you can carry several of them in a purse, backpack or in your pocket. It is designed to fit common toilet seat bowl shapes for enhanced protection in almost any bathroom using this cover. The package includes 10 travel toilet seat covers.

• Safe protection away from home
• Conveniently fits into purses, backpacks or pockets

Outdoor/RV Mat

Outdoor/RV Mat - 2000028683
Available at Costco
The versatile Coleman® 2.4 m x 3 m (8 ft. x 10 ft.) reversible mat is ideal for RVs, camping, patios, picnics and the beach. The durable polypropylene construction is mold and mildew resistant. The woven design allows sand, dirt and water to drain through. The RV mat can be swept clean with a broom or washed with water for a clean and cozy camping area. This multi-purpose camp mat will extend your useable living space around your campsite, RV (recreational vehicle), or patio. This ultra portable mat folds up and packs away in the carry bag for easy transportation or storage when not in use.

• Corner stake loops easily secure to the ground

Poly Dunk Bag

Poly Dunk Bag - 2000016484
Available at Wal-Mart

• Multiuse bag for washing dishes, toting toys, etc.
• Mildew and rot-resistant material
• Will not retain odors
• mesh allows contents to air dry
• Sewn-in drawstring with cord lock

Compression Stuff Sack

Compression Stuff Sack - 2000016469
Available at Wal-Mart

• Space-saving design reduces sleeping bag bulk
• Cord lock closure
• Inside dust flap
• Sturdy web handle on bottom
• 12 in. diameter x 23.5 in. long

Folding Shovel

Folding Shovel - 2000014878
Available at Wal-Mart

• Positive fit locking collar
• Serrated edge for sawing
• Opens to 58 cm (23")
• Folds to 25 cm (10")
• Easy to store and carry

Grill & Stove Accessories

Bulk Adapter

Bulk Adapter - 2000015166
Available at Canadian Tire
Use your Coleman® stove almost 20 times longer without refueling with help from the Coleman® Bulk Adapter. This accessory, coupled with a Coleman® 8 ft. Propane Hose, allows you to hook a 20 lb. tank to your camp stove for high-pressure fuel.

• One outlet
• For use with bulk propane cylinder with OPD valves
• Use with Coleman® hose 5475B580T


Generator - 3000000479
Available at Canadian Tire
Coleman camp stove generator offers quick and convenient replacement of generators for camp stove models 425, 421, and all other tourist two-burner camp stoves

• An essential accessory for any avid camper
• Easy to clean and install
• For camp stove models 425, 421 and all other tourist two-burner camp stoves

Tent Accessories

Mallet with Tent Peg Remover

Mallet with Tent Peg Remover- 2000018246
Available at Wal-Mart
Make sure the ground has a firm grip on your tent stakes, and pound them in with a Coleman® Mallet with Hook. The double-sided head is made of high-impact ABS plastic. When the fun is done, specially-designed openings on the handle give you the leverage to pull your tent pegs, no matter how hard the ground is.

• Heavy duty plastic construction for durability
• For use with plastic or steel pegs
• Peg puller handle

Heavy Duty Aluminum Tent Stakes

Heavy Duty Aluminum Tent Stakes - 2000018228
Available at Wal-Mart

• 23 cm (9") length
• Constructed or durable aluminum
• Leightweight for easy set up
• Strong holding power
• 4 per pack

Lighting Accessories

Pump Assembly

Pump Assembly - 3000000455
Available at Canadian Tire
Coleman pump assembly offers quick and convenient replacement of faulty pumps for most liquid fueled lanterns and camp stoves

• Includes pump, plunger and accessories
• Easy to install
• Excludes models: 222, 226, 229, 400, 442, 445, 450, 550, 3022 and 3024

Pump Lube

Pump Lube - 200K2251
Available at Campers Village
Coleman Pump Lube assists in creating an air tight seal inside of the pump in gas lanterns. Inside the pump is a leather or neoprene pump cup; the pump cup needs to be coated in lubricant in order to seal it effectively.

• Creates air tight seal
• Allows pump to work smoothly and push air into the tank properly
• Should be used on your lantern at least twice a year

Youth Cooler

Insta-Clip® II Mantles- 21B133C
Available at Wal-Mart
Slip Insta-Clip II mantles onto burner tube(s) and change mantles in seconds.

• Pack of 2s