Coleman® Battery Lighting Technology

Battery-powered lanterns, headlamps and flashlights provide better lighting and more options than their gas-powered counterparts. Our battery lighting products are built to outshine the competition and withstand the rugged life outdoor enthusiasts enjoy.

Coleman® Battery-Powered Lighting

Coleman® Battery Lighting Features

Lumens Icon

Brigtness ratings

Each lantern has a brightness rating, in lumens, so you can easily find the right product for your needs.

Closeup of the top of a Coleman battery-powered lantern focused on the USB port. An iPhone charger is plugged into the port, and in the background, a man's hand is seen holding the iPhone.

Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

Lightweight battery that saves money on replacements and features a USB charging port.

BatteryLock Logo

BatteryLock™ Battery Saver

Disconnects battery from terminals to prevent battery drain when not in use and reduces battery corrosion.

A Coleman batter-powered lantern is shown impacting the rocky ground with only the bottom corner touching the ground. A graphic of ripples, as though a stone was thrown into a pond, is seen radiating from the contact point, indicating impact.

Rugged Construction

Higher grade materials, better ease of use, enhanced comfort. More comfortable grip, 2M drop rating and over-molded edges.

An illuminatd Coleman headlamp on a dark blue background. In front of the light source are a pair of arrows pointing in either direction with a white semi-circle arched between the arrows. The white semi-circle is meant to demonstrate the flood field of the lamp and the white color fades as it travels further away from the light source.

Reax™ Light Sensor

Auto-adjusts brightness and beam intensity for long-distance or flood viewing.

An icon displaying a potential lighting mode. The words 'Red Flashing' are centered on the icon and a set of red bars of increasing length are radiating away from the top of the words.

Kinesix™ No-Touch Control

Swipe right and left to cycle through brightness and color modes.

Coleman® BatteryLock™ Video