Propane Vs. Butane

Campers have many choices when selecting a stove or grill that will meet a variety of needs. One of the biggest decisions campers will make when purchasing a stove or grill is the type of fuel your stove or grill will take. To help make this decision easier we have outlined the differences between propane and butane fuel!

  Propane Butane
Environment Works well in extreme cold Does not work well in cold weather
Cooking Capacity Propane fuel has 12% less energy than butane which means you cannot cook as long using propane compared to using a bottle of butane the same size Butane fuel has 12% more energy than propane which means you can cook longer with butane compared to using a bottle of propane the same size
Heat Output Neither flame is hotter
Ideal Activity Camping, picnic Backpacking, picnic
Size Heavier than butane, canisters often bulky Lightweight, often sold in smaller canisters
Availability Readily available in most stores Not sold in all stores
Price $$ $